Oh, My Word! 

This is a weekly-updated blog run by two writers, Jacob Sammon and Olivia Loren. 

On this site, you will find original pieces of fiction, poetry, drama, and essays for the world.

The fiction may appear in short or long-form, and may even include excerpts from larger works. One of the best elements of poetry is that it cannot be conformed to a single expectation, so expect anything ranging from freeform to sonnets to erasure/blackout poetry. Reading drama is far more common in Europe than in America, but maybe we can start to change some minds. Drama can take on many shapes and sizes and we are excited to explore the different avenues of the genre. Our approach to essays will range anywhere from events happening around the world to moments or events in our personal lives that we wish to share.

If you click on the side menu, you will find a built-in search engine, pages dedicated to both of us, and an email subscription option to receive notifications for when we post. It would truly mean the world to us if you supported us through your free subscription. 

We are so excited to begin this new chapter of our lives with you! 

New posts will be up every Wednesday! 


Oh, My Word! Jacob and Olivia would love to be in contact with you if you have any suggestions or would like to collaborate on a project!

Jacob Sammon – jtsammonbusiness@gmail.com

Olivia Loren – olivialtonelli@gmail.com


writer, editor, believer. managing editor at patchworklitmag.com

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