A note from the author:

She is Heard is a blend between a traditional play and choral reading drama piece. Traditionally, in choral reading performances, the actors deliver their lines directly to the audience, often speaking in unison with one another. There are opportunities to create harmonies and dissonance between the performers. As you will see on the following pages, certain lines are underlined multiple times. The color of the underlines coresponds to the color next to the character list on the first page. Whenever an underline appears on the script, the coresponding character will join in on the same line in chorus with the other performer(s).

Loretta Walsh was the first woman to hold a position in the military that was not in the nursing division.

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She Is Heard Pages 1 and Page 2
She Is Heard Pages 3 and Page 4
She Is Heard Pages 5 and Page 6
She Is Heard Pages 7 and Page 8
She Is Heard Pages 9 and Page 10
She Is Heard Pages 11 and Page 12
She Is Heard Pages 13 and Page 14
She Is Heard Pages 15 and Page 16

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