And even now I find myself smelling clementine. A

Borrowed sense of sweetness washing over me in the air. A

Careening force that brings me back to you: A

Dancing around checkered picnic blankets, peeling off the grass. An

Effort to share each morsel of space and air and moment and 

Food. The crumbing of muffins. The peeling of an orange. And there I’m

Going. I’m back again, hanging, holding, hoping that I’ll be able to keep each sense fresh,

Haunting the memories of my mind like a ghost of myself, reimagining the laugh

I am sure is yours—I can’t have misremembered yet. I’m sure I know the smell of clementine.

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Hello! I am a poet and essayist who sometimes likes to share her work with the world! I am currently an English major at the University of Iowa and write as often as I can (when not spiraling into the black voids of the internet).

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