every object will remain            in uniform motion in a straight line
unless compelled to change its state by     action of             force
force is          change 
momentum            in time
for every action           there is    equal              reaction

                  remain          in        motion
compel   change          by      action
equal              in momentum     change in time
nature        is     equal

every                                                                                              line                                   is change  
every action             is                                                       change 

change by action 

Oh, My Word! Thank you for reading this poem. I wanted to write something relatively short and concise for this week because, right now, I believe it is most pertinent to use my voice and platform to amplify the voices of the Black community. Here are links to other poems and essays you can read that have been helpful to me:






Additionally, here is a link to ways that you can help the Black Lives Matter movement as well as a link to further anti-racism resources:




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end rhyme adversary

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