i’ll purchase a chai latte,
nutmeg and umber quivering,
in the car-enclosed air, cupped to-go, 
and perhaps a coffee too—
i can’t remember exactly
if you prefer just plain black

so then maybe I’ll stop 
into a diner on my way there 
because i know they’ll have those
small cups of cream and sweet and low 
i could swipe from the counter—
but you'll probably want real sugar,
if you wanted any at all.

anyways, i'll just be happy to hand you something
warm and familiar
like doty's brown tea.
but in this embrace, we'll no longer be 
ghosts to one another,
finding purchase in the sloshing ground
of life's transience 

and whichever you don't want—
the coffee with the sugar and the cream or
the chai latte—
i'll drink instead 

but anyways all i wanted to say by it 
was that i'll come back
i'll come back
i'll come back.

Oh, My Word! Happy Pride Month! I figured I’d ought post a love poem because love is love and celebrating sexuality is a hoot! Leave a comment below!


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