Oh, My Word! This July, we have the distinguished privilege of welcoming Elizabeth Oyibo as a featured author. She is a 19-year-old artist from Des Moines, Iowa. She spends her time doing anything creative or artistic because she does not believe in limiting oneself solely to one form of self-expression. You can find all of her art on her Instagram account: @buymyartbeforeiburnit (click the account name to go take a look!)

The thing about something being empty,
is that it more often than sometimes it can be used again.
That even when what it was once meant for goes away,
It is given a new purpose
I learned this from opening countless, I can’t believe it’s not butter containers,
Only to actually to say,
Damn I can’t believe it’s not butter
in this container, it’s last nights casserole,
Oh, and who could forget those cookie tins,
That I swear to god I have never seen an actual cookie in,
Only sewing needles and thread,
And so from this,
In my mind I concluded,
nothing could ever truly be empty.
There was always something that could fill these empty containers,
and give it a purpose once again
Nothing could ever be empty,
At least not forever.
I never realized that those were somethings and you were someone,
And that when a soul leaves a body, its never coming back,
And nothing is coming to replace it,
It will remain empty,
And I suppose that’s why when I saw your empty body laying there,
I could not understand,
How something could be so full,
And then be so empty so quickly,
Where did it all go?


Connect With Elizabeth Here – otibo11@gmail.com

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