Oh, My Word! This July, we have the distinguished privilege of welcoming Elizabeth Oyibo as a featured author. She is a 19-year-old artist from Des Moines, Iowa. She spends her time doing anything creative or artistic because she does not believe in limiting oneself solely to one form of self-expression. You can find all of her art on her Instagram account: @buymyartbeforeiburnit (Click the account name to go take a look!). Enjoy her final post below!

The Pythagorean theorem laid it’s laws onto nature and provided people with the satisfying continuity of patterns.

Spirals, therefore exist everywhere. Catching your eye and not letting it go until you have reached its center, its core. We become consumed by these patterns, these spirals that we see, and allow the trance to carry us throughout. But not only are there spirals within the world, but spirals within ourselves. In which we become consumed by one another, taking interest in that which eludes us. 

There is no way to escape. 

Once we are mesmerized, we enter this labyrinth of illusion in which what we see is not what is really there. We cling to these illusions, these spirals, in hopes that we will reach the center, the core. Not only do we hope, but hold the need to see it. For the eyes must follow until the end.

But life in itself is a spiral. A continuity of illusion in which we cling to that which draws us in and holds us in a trance. Whether it be good or bad, we stay there, oblivious to all else which exists until we reach the center, the end.

But the thing about spirals is that the satisfaction you receive when reaching the center is not always what you initially sought after.  

Take for example a flower. As you look at the individual petals and the beauty they hold, your eyes may not see the bee that has landed within the center. Mesmerized by the beauty, your eyes follow until they reach “the end.” The end, however, is supposed to be simple, yet you are now faced with the complexity of a bee.

What do you do now?

Now that you have been captivated by such beauty you long to hold it forever, yet it is not yours to take. A threat lies before you, one that you did not expect, and now you are stuck once again. Spiraling into fear, hysteria, or perhaps still stuck in the spiral of beauty.

Even if you depart from the flower and the bee, you are thrown into yet another spiral, that of thought and of reflection. Or perhaps the spiral of ignorance; one of the most eluding and easiest spirals to fall into. The spiral of ignorance convinces you that you can always escape. That it can all be simple, like walking away from a flower. Yet the spirals follow, and they haunt you until the end. 

Take addiction for example. A convolution if you will. Addiction is a never ending spiral and yet just as eluding as ignorance. However, the trance it holds one in goes on and on and never seems to end. Just when you believe you have escaped, walked away, just like the flower, you realize you never left. You become trapped in the labyrinth of the spiral. Longing for an escape, yet still holding the desire to see its center, the end. What will come of this ? With the loss of control, who is to tell. The only way to find out is to keep going, to keep searching, keep using, until you’ve reached your end.

Most people never get to the center. 

Some people always walk away. Others have tunnel vision in order to never get dragged in. 

Yet even with this, although they avoid the darker spirals, they miss the beautiful ones. 

The beautiful spirals such as pure love and the colors of the sky as the sun says goodnight. The ones that captivate us yet do not hold us prisoner to their core.

Even with avoidance, one is still faced with the spiral of their own life. In which they are constantly captivated by their own illusions and issues that mesmerize them and hold them prisoner, making them blind to the world and ultimately, their true selves.

There are no escaping spirals. 

They will never go away until you reach the center, the end. All I can hope for myself and others, is that whatever illusion, whatever spiral intrigues you, holds everything in that which you desire at the end. That the mesmerization of the world and of others does not make you blind to what is really there. 

There might not be a way to escape the spiral of life, the world, and ourselves, but when you accept and understand these spirals, you will always be able to find their center, always be able to reach the end, and you will always know peace.  


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