Well, ’tis the season for expressing thanks, and so I wanted to use this space to write a brief little note of gratitude to the people in my life. It has been a difficult year, personally the hardest I think I’ve ever had, but there have been people around me through it all, and I will never forget that. I am unbelievably thankful for my family and friends for always being by my side, supporting me endlessly, and loving me so completely. I am blessed. Nothing can compare to the individuals that always do so much to bring a smile to my face, and make my days just a bit brighter. I’ve been given so much, emotionally, tangibly, and I hold it very dear to my heart. I am especially thankful for the people who get to read this short note, too. I hope that you can give yourself the time in the coming days to sit back and think, if only for a moment, about the things in life that make you smile. We could all use a little more of that.


Oh, My Word! What are you thankful for? Feel free to drop some things down in the comments below!

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